Choosing A Medical Alert System

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BBB Warns Seniors of Deceptive Telemarketing Calls Offering Free Medical Alert Devices

More importantly, itll reveal how happy customers really are with their systems, so that new customers can feel more confident and prepared about making their decision. A helpful website is the Lawserver, which offers reviews on many major medical alert system providers and gives a summary of how the system works as well as the pros and cons to each system. Their Compare section includes a handy table listing all the reviewed providers and compares their pricing, the range of the medical alert devices, up-front payments, backup battery life, commitments, refund policy, etc. Purchasing the Right Medical Alert System Before making the purchase, contact the Better Business Bureau or the state Attorney Generals Office to see if any complaints have been filed against the provider. If a salesperson is soliciting by phone, ask for information about the device, the services, the pricing, and system features in order to compare different medical alert systems. A salesperson may insist on an in-home visit to talk in detail about their provider’s services.
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One Call Medical Alert Shares What Seniors are Thankful for

While pushy sales tactics arent themselves illegal, we encourage seniors and their caretakers alike to ask questions and to look for red flags associated with a scam. Additionally, BBB is warning consumers not to provide sensitive personal or financial information to cold-calling companies. Notes Weiss One never knows what ethically-challenged companies or employees will do with sensitive customer information, but it could easily lead to identity theft and financial loss. BBB advised consumers to watch for these red flags: Free Offers Be wary of free offers that require you to pay a handling charge or other fees. In the case of medical alert systems, ask if there are additional monthly charges. If the telemarketer says a friend or family member bought the unit, ask for the name of the person and verify with them before agreeing to anything. Scare Tactics Being trapped in your own home with no way to call for help can be a scary situation for anyone, but for many seniors, it can be a realistic scenario. Dont fall for scare tactics.
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Medical Alert Systems

I found love and married a man who sought nothing from my parents. He loved me. I donat worry about the petty squabbles, the government of this country, the freedom it defends, I am thankful for all of that.”- Isabelle A., 91 “Technology. I know that is somewhat broad, but it is amazing what can be done today. As I sit in my living room here in Victoria, Texas, I was able to sing happy birthday to my great-granddaughter living in California while watching her blow out the candles on her cake. I canat always travel, but I can still be there and have the memory. I can send a letter to an old friend and she can get it seconds later. I have access to so many books.
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How durable is their equipment…is it going to work when it’s needed most? And, does the company have professionally trained emergency response professionals available 24-7? Another important consideration is price. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice service to get competitive rates. Acadian On Call passes all the tests with flying colors.
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”Before, they never wanted to go away for the weekend.” She also finds that the system has other than medical uses. Last winter, the day after she bought it, her car stalled halfway out of her narrow garage, trapping her inside. ”It was 5 below zero,” she recalled, ”and there was no point in honking because everyone was indoors. So I looked at the little button and pushed it – and my neighbor came out right away.” One drawback is the chance of false alarms, sometimes caused by power surges or thunderstorms but more often by someone’s inadvertently tripping the sensitive equipment. A neighborhood uproar may ensue as rescue squads and friends respond to the alert, but no one seems to mind. ”The hospital is always so nice about it,” said Mrs. Emons, who on one occasion set her alarm off accidentally.
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