Minuteclinic Launches Health Condition Monitoring Services For Diabetes, Asthma And High Cholesterol Patients

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“By providing health condition monitoring at MinuteClinic, our goal is to be a convenient and affordable resource where patients can not only receive an exam and regular lab tests, but also spend meaningful time with a practitioner to obtain advice and have questions about their condition and medication answered.” Monitoring Made Easy services at MinuteClinic are available seven days a week, including weekday evening hours; no appointment is necessary. When providing health condition monitoring services, MinuteClinic practitioners review the individual’s medical history and perform an exam and tests based on nationally established clinical practice guidelines for standards of care, which may include an A1c test and comprehensive foot exam for diabetes, breathing and oxygen level testing for asthma, a lipid profile for high cholesterol and a blood pressure check and microalbumin test for high blood pressure. “We know from our own research and from independent studies conducted by the Rand Corporation, that as many as 60 percent of patients visiting our clinics are without a primary care provider,” said Sussman. “So our practitioners are in a unique position to help patients identify a primary care provider and create a path of care that includes monitoring at MinuteClinic to stay on top of their condition.” Most health insurance plans cover MinuteClinic health condition monitoring services. Patients are advised to contact their insurance company to verify coverage prior to their visit.
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Drug monitoring service now available

Dr. Oz explains what every woman should know about heart disease.

Home Health Monitoring Services Face Financial Barriers

, iHealthBeat, Monday, December 4, 2006

Companies that offer remote monitoring services are facing obstacles, such as who should pay for the monitoring devices, the Boston Globe reports. Medicare and insurers generally do not cover the cost of the home monitoring devices and only offer a flat fee to help patients recover from hospital visits, according to the Globe.

Partners Healthcare’s home-nursing division in Boston installed monitors for about 100 patients, but it will stop the service when their Medicare home-nursing payments cease. In Natick, Mass., the Visiting Nurse Association installed monitors in 80 patient homes and has successfully caught minor care problems before they became critical. However, the association can afford the devices only because of a grant from a health care foundation, according to the Globe.

Dovetail Health in Needham, Mass., is testing its monitoring services in 10 homes as part of a pilot project. Computers monitor patients’ weight and blood pressure and transmit the data to the company, where it is reviewed by nurses.
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Home Health Monitoring Services Face Financial Barriers

Not uncommonly, these drugs can interact with each other or over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Many patients are under the care of more than one physician and may receive prescription medication from one that may interact with one from another. A new drug monitoring website, eHealthMe, provides an enormous database of drug interactions for these individuals. Company representatives note that a drug monitoring subscription provides immediate notifications on serious drug reactions detected by eHealthMes algorithmic data analysis system. There is no charge for a basic subscription.
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Home Health Service Offers Telehealth Monitoring

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Connectyx Acquires U.S.A. Medical Monitoring Services

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Home Health Service Offers Telehealth Monitoring

, iHealthBeat, Monday, August 21, 2006

FirstHealth Home Health in North Carolina recently received a $250,000 Duke Endowment grant to expand its telehealth program, the Southern Pines Pilot reports.

Patients participating in the program each morning connect to a monitoring station that measures blood pressure, pulse, temperature, weight, pulse oxygen and blood sugar. Patients also answer a series of questions about their condition and then transmit the information to home health nurses monitoring their progress. Nurses follow up with a call or a visit if any of the information is abnormal.

FirstHealth will use the Duke Endowment grant to purchase an additional 70 monitoring units and four high-resolution digital cameras.
To read the source write-up with any related media, see here http://www.ihealthbeat.org/Articles/2006/8/21/Home-Health-Service-Offers-Telehealth-Monitoring


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