Best Medical Alert Helps Ensure Every Senior Can Afford A Medical Alert System With An Unbeatable New Year Promotion

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Just in Time for the Holidays, Leading Medical Alert Systems Provider Offers Mom and Dad the Gift of Assurance

Fortunately, the Best Medical Alert pendant acts as a constant companion to the senior. Pendants are lightweight and can be worn as a wristband or around the neck. In addition, they are 100% waterproof and can be worn in the shower where falls are common. By simply touching the button on the pendant a senior is connected to a highly trained care center representative within seconds. The amount of assurance, freedom, and peace of mind that a medical alert service provides is truly priceless.
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Seniors get a warning on medical alert scam

scam alert

The trick is that if seniors do agree to the system in some cases it can cost $35 a month or more to operate. The scam could also be a way for con artists to obtain bank or credit card information or even a Social Security number to use later in ID theft. Or a way for someone to pressure seniors into paying for other equipment or services. Authorities said in some cases, after consumers press a button to accept the offer, they quickly receive another call asking for personal information, including credit card numbers. “The call appears to target the elderly, disabled and diabetic,” the Better Business Bureau warned in a statement. “The automated message says ‘that someone has ordered a free medical alert system for you, and this call is to confirm shipping instructions.” Adams says she remembers the automated call saying something like “Press 5 for yes.” Adams has gotten three or four of these calls about this “free system.” She keeps hanging up.
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Just in Time for the Holidays, Leading Medical Alert Systems Provider Offers Mom and Dad the Gift of Assurance Take Advantage of My Personal Response’s New eResponder Mobile Medical Alert System MIAMI, FL–(Marketwired – Dec 24, 2013) – Christmas is just around the corner! Instead of going with the usual gifts, express your love and care by giving your parents a significant gift that can help in their safety and protection, especially in the event of an emergency situation such as slips and falls. With My Personal Response, a top Medical Alert Systems company, you can get mom and dad the best gift ever: a state-of-the-art medical alert system to meet their special needs. Personal Response Corporation is recognized as America’s most trusted and technologically advanced medical alert systems provider, offering multiple medical alert systems for all senior lifestyles. My Personal Response is proud to introduce new products including the splendid eResponder Mobile Medical Alert System .Its new addition is a little larger than the size of a quarter and it’s used as a pendant.Amazingly, it uses a cellular connection and provides flexibility, allowing mom and dad to get help when needed anywhere within the USA.My Personal Response’s new Mobile Medical Alert System is great for moms and dads who are on the go. The Personal Response Mobile Medical Alert System enables seniors and individuals with special needs to feel confident and stay independent because they know they can get help anytime, anywhere, with no range limit. A medical alert system can provide seniors with peace of mind knowing that they will be taken care of in case of an emergency.
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Rapid alert system spread word on missing senior

More than 50,000 people in North and West Vancouver found the answer to that question is. .. them, after the North Shore Emergency Management Office used its “rapid alert” system in a widespread manner for the first time this weekend. With temperatures plummeting below freezing and darkness falling, the North Vancouver RCMP called on the emergency database to send out automated phone calls – and in some cases, text messages and emails – to alert the public to a missing elderly woman with dementia. About 38,000 calls went out to numbers in North Vancouver Friday night, urging residents to check for signs of Joan Warren. Another batch of about 25,000 calls – some of them repeats – went out to a wider area, including West Vancouver, on Saturday. The alert system, which uses a database maintained by the North Shore Emergency Management Office, has been in place for about 18 years. It was primarily set up to deal with disasters like earthquakes, but most people don’t know about it, said Dorit Mason, North Shore emergency coordinator.
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