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Seniors get a warning on medical alert scam

scam alert

More Photos 1 photo Joyce Choskowski didn’t know the answer to that question when she collapsed outside her Middle River hair salon in April 2011. Joyce had become seriously dehydrated, a side-effect of her chemotherapy. She remained unconscious for sometime. When she awoke, she was riding in the back of an ambulance. She was mentally confused and everything around her seemed to be spinning. She was unable to answer questions posed to her by the EMT. When the ambulance arrived at the hair salon, the EMTs found an unconscious woman lying on the sidewalk with no apparent injuries except a small bump on her forehead. They had no way of knowing what was wrong.
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Medical Alert Devices That Can Help Keep Seniors Safe

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Coriolus Versicolor

These products, which also come with an “SOS” button and a home base station, are pre-programmed to dial personal contacts (relatives, friends, caregivers or 911) if the SOS button is pushed. Most devices store about four phone numbers, and the system dials each number one-by-one until a connection is made. If you like this style, the Freedom Alert made by LogicMark is a good product that allows you to speak through the pendent. The purchase price: $300, with no ongoing monthly fees. Also check out Telemergency , which offers a variety on no-fee medical alert devices that cost under $190. Mobile Alerts If your mom is interested in a device that works outside the home too, there are several mobile products that will let her call for help anywhere. These pendent-style devices, which fit in the palm of your hand, work like little cell phones with GPS tracking capabilities.
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Dreys Diabetic Medic Alert Dogs

Dreys diabetic medical alert dogs
photo by Alison Hart

Along with Smith’s guidance, Pearson successfully trained and certified her first Medical Alert Dog. Today, Pearson runs D.A.D. behind her house in a huge, immaculately clean training facility. Along with D.A.D.’s head trainer, Cindy Terrell , and several other employees, Pearson uses positive reinforcement, clicker training, and “Go Tell” training philosophies over the course of eight months for each dog. Once the training is complete, each dog will be certified as a Medical Alert Dog and Service Dog in Public Access. This certification protects them under ADA, which makes it illegal not to allow them in to any public facility or business, per Texas State law.
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Following Australian and UK success, Bora Health launches medical alert business in United States

There was very little information out there, and it was very difficult to know where to turn Joel said. Also, grandma did not have much money so we found most of the products and services advertised were way out of budget. I thought this was a really unfair way to be treating our parents and grandparents, and something needed to be done. The premise behind Bora Health is independent living for all the provision of inexpensive and easy-to-use products and services that help more and more American families strike the right balance between independent living and affordability. We want independent living to be the right of everyone, not just those that can afford it Joel added. The Global Financial Crisis (GFC), a poorly performing economy, high unemployment and lower than usual retirement fund returns has prompted the question of how long the Government will be able to look after family or loved ones in the future? We used to be able to rely on the Government to look after us in our old age said Bora Health co-Founder Daniel But as weve seen happen in the UK and Australia, as a greater proportion of the community reaches retirement, the increasing budget strain on the public sector purse means that the responsibility falls back on the individual and their family. The question is can everyone afford it? ABOUT BORA HEALTH.
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