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Visonic Recalls Amber Personal Emergency Response System Kits Due To Remote Pendant Battery Signal Failure

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An Amber kit consists of one wireless pendant worn by the user, one Amber brand base station, generally connected to a phone line, a power supply and backup battery. Base stations are white, rectangular and measure about 9-inches wide by 7-inches deep by 2-inches high with emergency, call and check buttons. The emergency button is red on the Classic model and grey on the SelectX model. Recalled Classic models have catalog number 0-7425 and serial numbers 0408044281 through 4410052723. The first four digits of the serial number are manufacture dates from January 2008 through August 2010 in WWYY format. Recalled SelectX models have catalog number 0-100729 and serial numbers 2308600299 through 3013079617. The first four digits represent manufacture dates June 2008 through July 2013 in WWYY format. The first two digits are week of manufacturer and the second two numbers are the year of manufacture.
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Personal emergency response systems

The device provides hands-free voice communication with the care center that can in turn respond with appropriate help.It has an internal accelerometer to automatically determine when the user has a fall and is able to place a call even if the wearer may not be able to. The device provides 247 monitoring with a care center that is able to dispatch an ambulance or call a loved one. The EverThere system makes use of GPS and allows the care center to instantly determine the users location. The portable system, which was designed by a Seattle based company called Numera, makes use of internal gyroscopes and magnetometers, along with the accelerometer, to help learn the users daily routine. The device then sets the threshold to differentiate between the users normal motion and abrupt motions like falls. It can be worn either on a lanyard or on a belt using a supplied clip. The lithium ion battery inside promises to last up to 36 hours on a single charge.
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Personal emergency response system kids recalled

Q says: here 007, take this device which is the size of a watch and when you press this button it shows us exactly where you are and we can communicate directly with you anytime, any place exciting stuff, welcome to the world of PERS; in other words Personal Emergency Response Systems. Of course what Q was referring to at that time was only in the world of fiction, but this has now become a reality that is available and affordable by all. Every so often a system comes along incorporating the latest technology which represents a major step forward in the world of public safety, not just the safety of agents; something that really knocks your socks off! PERS in global terms is not new, but the latest technology has resulted in such systems being available and affordable by all in the Algarve, whereas previously it had been limited to James Bond movies. This feature, therefore, looks at the development of PERS, what exactly they do and how they can in certain instances be a lifesaver. is a former Assistant Commissioner of the Hong Kong Police, consultant to INTERPOL and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. In October 2011 he formed Safe Communities Algarve an on-line platform here in the Algarve to help the authorities and the community prevent crime.
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AT&T Launches Mobile Personal Emergency Response System

guarav AT&T Launches Mobile Personal Emergency Response System

It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product. Recall Summary Name of Product: Visonic Amber Classic and Amber SelectX Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) Kits Hazard: A single Amber Base station set to Common Area Mode will not detect a low battery or dead battery warning signal from the remote pendant that notifies the end user or system administrator to replace the pendant battery. Remedy: Consumers should immediately contact their system installer or a Visonic alarm installation professional to determine if their Amber base station is set to Common Area Mode, and if so, to either reset their unit to another mode or make other system changes, such as adding an additional base station. Only a professionally-trained PERS system installer can identify and modify the particular mode configuration. Owners are also reminded to manually test their Amber PERS pendant regularly for low battery status. Consumer Contact: Visonic at (800) 223-0020 from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or online at and click on North America and click on Product News under the Solutions & Products tab for more information about the recall. Photos available at Details Units: About 24,000 Description: The recalled Visonic Amber Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) kit enables a user to push a button on a pendant to signal a request for assistance.
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Seniors Get A Warning On Medical Alert Scam

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medical alert systems

medical alert

Verifying your credentials… We’re experiencing a few technical issues. Try again By submitting you agree to our Terms of Service Your Take contributions have not been reviewed for accuracy by USA TODAY. Contributors agree to our Terms of Service and are responsible for the content of their videos and photos. Please report any content that violates the terms. Seniors get a warning on medical alert scam By Susan Tompor, USA TODAY 9 a.m.
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Top Medical Alert Systems Preserve Independence

But they have drawbacks, such as: A single device is a one button phone, but not ideal in critical emergencies. You may or may not have someone to talk to when you are unsure about a situation. Theyre not waterproof you cant use them in theshower. Theres no remote access when the device is charging. They might just automaticallyconnect you to 911 in anemergency without knowing who or where you are. They might not dispatchhelp if you are unable tospeak.Here are the ways inwhich MobileHelpprovides distinctadvantages: Its a medical alert system that is designed for critical emergencies. Certified emergency operators know who and where you are, and will dispatch help to you directly. They will dispatch help even if you cannot speak.
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The service is available in 170 languages. With a press of a button on the pendant, the Bay Medical Alert System notifies emergency medical technicians. The system works with a power plug and a phone line, so anyone can install it easily. 2. LifeFone : Worldwide protection is available with this service, as long as the pendant is within 1,000 feet of the base. LifeFone sets up emergency contact plans, and a personalized profile allows LifeFone to give emergency responders critical information, including medical history, medications, allergies, physicians, family members, neighbors and preferred hospital.
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Medical Alert Systems Reviews Site Helps Users Find The Best System For Their Needs

She died within six months in a nursing home. Maybe that was on my mind.” As he reflected on the problem, Mr. Dibner thought of fabricating a timer-and-alert system that would automatically summon help. If the timer were not reset during the normal course of daily activities – perhaps by opening the refrigerator door or flicking off a light – it would dial for help through the telephone line. Company Established in 1974 The idea blossomed into Lifeline Systems Inc., which Mr.
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Medical Alert Systems in the Age of Technology

medical alert1 Medical Alert Systems in the Age of Technology

Medical Alert Devices There are a number of populations who would benefit from wearing some kind of medical alert device, but the elderly and chronically ill are the best candidates. With the desire to live on their own, these devices give senior citizens the opportunity to live on their own with confidence and peace of mind that help is just the push of a button away if they need it. A medical alert protocol also lets families feel some sense of relief that their loved ones will be quickly reached and cared for in an emergency situation such as in the case a fall or some kind of complication from an already present illness. Another population who may benefit from some type of medical alert identification system is someone with an illness like diabetes that requires medications and may have a variety of complex triggers, complications and risks of not receiving timely and properly delivered treatment. If a diabetic suffers from an episode of low blood sugar and is in danger of losing consciousness, they may use the bracelet to contact medical professionals who will automatically understand the patients condition and respond rapidly and appropriately.
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scam alert

Overall, these tags assist in searching for instant medical consideration to avoid severe problems or life-threatening conditions. Some corporations waive the installation medical alert buttons expenses. You can inquire concerning the month-to-month payment options. Medical alert methods are proving to be a boon in disguise for seniors dwelling alone. A senior medical alarm is about more than just convenience – it is about freedom, independence, and peace of thoughts. These devices make it easier in your loved ones and yourself to feel secure.
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Mobile Help Medical Alert System: Not all medical alert systems are the same

The site also includes guides and articles with tips on – Compare & Find The Best Systems to look for when selecting a good system. The possibility of falling down and getting hurt is a major concern for the elderly. It is one of the leading causes for seniors being hospitalized. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has released statistics which show that 1 in 3 seniors above 65 experience falls each year. As a person ages, he or she can become more susceptible to falls and other medical emergencies. Getting help fast can mean the difference between a quicker and easier recovery down the road, or more troubling consequences.
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Medical Alert Devices That Can Help Keep Seniors Safe

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— Searching Daughter Dear Searching: There are a wide variety of medical alert systems on the market today that can help keep elderly seniors safe, while living in their own home. Here’s a breakdown of some different styles and prices to help you choose. Monitored Alerts The most popular medical alert systems available today are the ones that will connect your mom to a 24-hour emergency monitoring service when she needs help. These units come with waterproof “SOS” buttons — typically in the form of a necklace pendent or bracelet — and a base station that connects to her home phone line. At the press of a button, your mom could call and talk to a trained operator through the system’s base station receiver, which works like a powerful speaker phone.
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Best Medical Alert Helps Ensure Every Senior Can Afford a Medical Alert System With an Unbeatable New Year Promotion

” Never give your bank or credit card information, or your social security number to anyone over the telephone. BBB recommends that if you are listed on the Federal Do Not Call Registry that you file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission at Online Car Sales Increase Scam Potential, Warns Better Business Bureau CHICAGO, IL – July 25, 2013 – Today there is an increasing number of consumers purchasing cars online. With that there is an increasing opportunity for consumers to be scammed. In some cases buyers purchase vehicles advertised, at a price often below book value, by individuals who don’t own them. The scammer never meets the customers in person and requires that payment be made via wire transfer. In the end, the scammer gets the money and the consumer gets nothing. The Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois (BBB) advises consumers to look for the red flags with online car sales scams.
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Medical alert devices for seniors

medical alert device

Life Alert also has posted a warning about the scammers on its website . The company says it does not employ telemarketers to make cold calls to potential customers. These calls are not made by Life Alert, the company says on its website. All of these are telemarketing scammers trying to mislead and defraud consumers by using our trademarked name so they can get your address, credit card number and bank information to charge you. The BBB warns consumers to beware of the following red flags: Free offers: Be wary of free offers that require you to pay a handling charge or other fees. In the case of medical alert systems, ask if there are additional monthly service charges. If the telemarketer says a friend or family member bought the unit, ask for the name of the person and verify the payment with that person before agreeing to anything.
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Better Business Bureau Scam Alert: Medic Alert Robo Calls

The system is designed to provide 24/7 assistance with a simple touch of a button. Whether the senior suffers from an at-risk medical condition, spends time alone, or would just like the added security of quick access to help, a medical alert system provides the perfect solution. Utilizing a personal medical alert system is an extremely wise decision and the most affordable solution to ensuring a secure safety net. As the normal aging process occurs seniors become more at-risk to fall or suffer from various medical concerns that make it dangerous for them to be left alone. Fortunately, the Best Medical Alert pendant acts as a constant companion to the senior.
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BBB: Medical Alert Scam Targets Seniors

These devices are designed to provide a quick and easy way to communicate to the outside world, family members, or emergency medical professionals in the case of a threatening medical emergency, such as a fall, heart attack, or home invasion. In these times of need it is important that the wearer of the medical alert device get immediate response, and these medical devices can provide that care with a simple touch of a button. That kind of security is not only provides mental security but can prolong a seniors independence allowing the senior to remain in the family home. Most of these medical alert devices are really simplistic, and are devices composed of two major components, a home console and a pendant or small device which can be carried on the wrist or waist with an emergency button. If the wearer falls, become injured, or suffers any type of medical emergency they can press the button on their pendant. The button will send an alert to the home console which then sends a call to a customer services representative who will contact a family member or medical responder. The user can create a list of emergence contacts and set an order of importance to be contacted in the case a situation where to occur. medical alert device Range is one of the most important attributes for any user of a medical alert device to look for when shopping for a medical alert device. The range is the distance the wearer can travel away from the home console, and still have the device communication. Many of the best medical alert devices will have ranges up to 1000 feet. At this distance the wearer can safely travel about the distance of one typical city block. So the wearer can visit local friends and neighbors and still be in contact with their safety contacts and home console. Other devices have more limited ranges but most will have at least a150 foot range. The range of the device should match the mobility and life style of the intended wearer. If the wearer is still very mobile and enjoys walks and visits with neighbors they may need a longer range, for those who never leave the home or are bed ridden may not need an extended range. All home medical devices should come with an included base station. Make sure your medical alert device has this included in the package and the home console is not an additional purchase. The pendant is what the user will wear and take with them. All medical alert devices will include this device, though how that device is attached to the wearer may vary. Find out what is the most comfortable and easy way for the wearer to carry the pendant device. Some options of attachment are wristband, waistband, or necklace. Most pendants are waterproof or at least water resistant, but make sure. Time in the bathroom, shower or any exposure to wet surfaces can be very dangerous, you want to ensure that the device can be worn and will be safe if exposed to wet conditions. Make sure that the device has a battery backup included. You never want a situation where you may have loss of power to any part of the home alert device. Some units will include a wall mounted button. This option is not standard, so if that is an important aspect is to be sure to check if that is included.
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Medical-id Bracelets From A Company With Some Personal Experience

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Endevr Introduces Digital Medical ID Bracelet

Tutelman, 22, is a Type 1 diabetic who “for years didn’t want to wear , didn’t want people knowing.” He “grew out of that” in college and now participates in monthly “forecasting” meetings to help design new products, or, as Fisher sees it, to “bring in new ways to make people safe.” Much of Hope Paige’s merchandise is made in China and finalized and engraved in the United States. There have been some bad product choices over the years, Fisher acknowledged, such as the silicone bands decorated with little white hearts that were undisputably adorable but that broke easily. More common have been the hits, such as the “I’m pregnant” stainless-steel bracelets, engraved with a pink or blue stork and the cellphone number of the person the wearer wants called when labor pains start. The challenge now, Fisher said, is growing, which requires investments, but not too fast to lose profitability or the company’s personal culture. For the first time in five years, she has raised prices on some bracelets, in the range of 5 percent to 20 percent. “I don’t want to take advantage of people with medical conditions,” she said, explaining her reluctance to do that sooner. She prefers a revenue-growth strategy centered on increased sales. “You take me to Wharton, and they’d probably look at me cross-eyed.
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Woman makes fashionable medical ID bracelets

A QR code on the bracelet can be scanned with a smartphone, or an inscribed phone number can be called to access the information once an ID number and PIN number, also inscribed on the wristband, are entered. The MyID medical ID profile is said to be easy to set up and is customizable via computer or smartphone. The free Endevr iPhone MyID app can update a medical ID profile using an iOS phone or tablet. The app also embeds the emergency information into a custom QR code image for a phones lock-screen wallpaper. The MyID wristbands have an adjustable band and come in three colors: black/gray, white/gray and turquoise/ gray. The wristbands are lightweight, weather resistant and come with a lifetime warranty. Built-in ion technology emits infrared charged ions to promote vitality and wellness for the user, the company said.
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Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelets started in 2001 as a way to help a teenager named Lauren. She has diabetes and had just moved to Kansas City. “She didn’t have a lot of friends who were familiar with her medical history, so it was important to her mother that Lauren wear a bracelet so that she would be protected in case she was ever in an emergency away from home,” Carlson said. Lauren felt traditional ID bracelets were boring, ugly and singled her out as different. She babysat for Carlson, who had experience making jewelry. Lauren’s mother asked Carlson if she could design a fashionable alternative to the ID bracelet. “We bought some cool beads that we thought would appeal to a teenage girl and made several choices for her that had a lobster clasp on each end that would attach to the tag and, regardless of where she was going or what she was wearing, she had the perfect bracelet,” Carlson said. Lauren loved what she called her perfect bracelet and wore it everywhere, including to a meeting with other teens who had diabetes.
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Medical ID Bracelets: The $15 Lifesavers

He notes, however, that he works in the county where MedicAlert, the best known maker of alert ID, is headquartered. Most children with diabetes wear ID because their parents make them, says Andrea Hulke, national outreach manager for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Judy Waks, a diabetes educator in Miami, says that the elderly are more likely to wear ID as well. More type 1s than type 2s wear medical alerts because the use of insulin makes them more attuned to the potential of hypoglycemia, says Sheila Matlak, a diabetes educator in Baltimore. Marina Krymskaya, assistant director of the Friedman Diabetes Center in New York, says that only 10 percent of her type 2 patients wear medical alert ID, compared to about 90 percent of type 1s. I know it sounds like a cop-out, but I suspect that one reason it took me so long to buy a medical alert is that no one ever told me I needed one, although I’ve been a patient of two endocrinologists and have met with diabetes educators.
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Seniors Get A Warning On Medical Alert Scam

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Medical Alert System Ratings

Some computerized calls can claim they’re associated with an insurance company or another well-known name. Some scams even claim that free services come through Medicare, which is not the case at all. The Federal Trade Commission took action in March against Instant Response Systems, based on charges of violating telemarketing rules and violations of the unordered merchandise statute. Instant Response Systems is based in Brooklyn, N.Y., and also does business as Medical Alert Services. The FTC said in that case telemarketers would claim the monitoring is free but consumers would have to pay $817 to $1,602 for the service. Payment plans were supposedly dependent on a consumer’s financial situation. In many cases, the FTC said, Instant Response Systems sent letters, bogus invoices and even threatened elderly consumers who did not order the product and claimed that the consumer owed money for it.
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Medical Alert Systems Reviews Site Enables Users to Compare and Find the Best Systems

What is not usually paid out significantly consideration to even so, are the higher ranges of family incidents that threaten the life of seniors and individuals with special requirements every day. Each and every calendar year, mishaps that happen in the average household take the lives of hundreds of North Individuals, and a lot of of the deaths ensuing from these incidents are a hundred% preventable. The speed at which medical attention is presented is a important factor in identifying survival or loss of life. This is the reason that health care inform systems have become more and more typical in the households of senior citizens and the disabled. A medical warn program is any set of mechanisms that aids in the support of an specific needing medical guidance but not able to phone for this them selves. This most frequently comes in the form of a health care alarm, which is composed of an simple to use console on the person and a wi-fi connection to a station outfitted with health-related staff. Despite the fact that health care alert techniques are most typically located in the homes of senior citizens and disabled folks who undergo from significant restrictions on their motion, this variety of warn program is helpful to any person.
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Medical Alert Systems Reviews Site Helps Users Find The Best System For Their Needs

As a person ages, he or she can become more susceptible to falls and other medical emergencies. Getting help fast can mean the difference between a quicker and easier recovery down the road, or more troubling consequences. With a medical alert system installed at home, seniors can press an SOS button and become connected with emergency dispatch operators who can assist them. Having help available at the click of a button can have far-reaching results for the on-going good health of the elderly system users. Not only that, it provides for peace of mind to seniors, their children and loved ones as well. The set-up also allows seniors to live independently in their own home. For all these reasons and more, many are actively searching out these home alarm systems.
Link – Medical Alert Systems Reviews Site Enables Users to Compare and Find the Best Systems

scam alert

Having help available at the click of a button can have far-reaching results for the on-going good health of the elderly system users. Not only that, it provides for peace of mind to seniors, their children and loved ones as well. The set-up also allows seniors to live independently in their own home. For all these reasons and more, many are actively searching out these home alarm systems. Currently, there are lots of medical alert monitoring companies offering these systems. It can be confusing for seniors and their children to determine the right company to go with. The advertising from various companies may only highlight their advantages, and shoppers may have to dig deeper to get a more wholistic understanding of the implications of choosing one company over another. Through the launch of this site, the site developers hope to make it easier for their readers to find and gather information about the different companies and compare them.
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Medical Alert Systems Reviews Site Helps Users Find The Best System For Their Needs

Dec 8 2013 UAE – Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi Meets Kyrgystan’s Minister of Economy , Qatar News Agency (MENAFN – Qatar News Agency) Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid Al Qasimi, UAE Minister of Development and International Co-operation, and Kyrgystan’s Minister of Economy and Antimonopoly Policies, Temir … Dec 8 2013 Euromoney : Qatar’s Non-Oil Economy Is Half the Value of GDP in 2015 , Qatar News Agency (MENAFN – Qatar News Agency) The value of Qatar’s economy which is based on oil and gas will be in 2015 half the value of Gross Domestic Product(GDP) by 2015, according to Euromoney Conferences . … Dec 8 2013 Oman’s Sohar Port completes complex challenge of offloading cranes , MENAFN (MENAFN) Sohar Port and Freezone has received three, quayside container gantry cranes, and the complex operation of their offloading has been completed, according to Oman Observer. The last of … Dec 8 2013 QNB Group’s Strategy Conference Held in Dubai , Qatar News Agency (MENAFN – Qatar News Agency) QNB, the World’s Strongest Bank, has convened its Strategy Conference entitled “Shaping a MENA Icon” in Dubai.
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Qmedic’s Smart Medical Alert Device For Seniors (video)

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Medical Alert Devices That Can Help Keep Seniors Safe

Since a large percentage of theseseniors are not able to reach out for help when an emergency occurs at home, caregivers for senior citizens benefit from passive connectivity to proactively monitor their loved ones well being in the home 24 hours/day. QMedic, a Boston, MA company, isdeveloping what it claims to be the first ever passive wearable sensing technologythat detects and predicts emergency events in the home, and sends real-time feedback to caregivers when something unusual occurs. This medical alert system warns the caregiver if the user is not wearing the device, fails to get out of bed, or is out of home for extended periods of time. The QMedic system requires the user to wear a waterproof bracelet which has a large button on the top. Sensors in the bracelet can monitor the seniors sleeping habits and gauge physical activity. The button on the bracelet can be pressed in case of an emergency around the house, which contacts the base station, which in turn calls the QMedics 24/7 emergency call center. A QMedic representative first tries to reach the user through the speakerphone attached to the base station, and if the user is able to convey his or her emergency situation, then the QMedic representative can send out an appropriate emergency response team or contact a family member.

guarav QMedics Smart Medical Alert Device for Seniors (VIDEO)

Phillips also offers a new Auto Alert option (for $48 per month) that has fall detection sensors in the SOS button that can automatically summon help without your mom ever having to press a button. Some other major players in the industry that are a little less expensive (under $30 per month) include: LifeFone , LifeStation , Bay Alarm Medical , Alert1 , LifeGuardian and MedicalAlert . One other unique product worth consideration is the MediPendant which runs under $35 a month. This system allows your mom to speak and listen to the operator directly through the SOS pendant, versus the base station speaker phone, which often makes for easier communication. No-Fee Alerts If you’re looking for a cheaper option, consider a no-fee medical alert device that doesn’t have professional monitoring services. These products, which also come with an “SOS” button and a home base station, are pre-programmed to dial personal contacts (relatives, friends, caregivers or 911) if the SOS button is pushed.
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Medical Care Alert Earns 2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award

This recognition is only awarded to the top 5 percent of all companies rated on Angie’s List, the nation’s leading provider of consumer reviews on local service companies. “We are thrilled and honored to receive both an ‘A’ rating and the Super Service Award from Angie’s List members,” said Erin Rogg, Vice President of Medical Care Alert. “We protect seniors in all 50 states with our ‘Help At The Push Of A Button’ monitoring service, and our Angie’s List subscribers really do their homework.” Rogg also noted that Medical Care Alert has an “A” rating, and is an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau. “It’s a select group of companies rated on Angie’s List that can claim the exemplary customer service record of being a Super Service Award winner,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “Our standards for the Super Service Award are quite high. The fact that Medical Care Alert earned this recognition speaks volumes about its dedication providing great service to its customers.” Angie’s List Super Service Award 2012 winners meet strict eligibility requirements, including earning a minimum number of reports, an excellent rating from their customers and abiding by Angie’s List guidelines. About Medical Care Alert: Medical Care Alert’s “Help At The Push Of A Button” medical alert monitoring service provides independence and peace of mind for thousands of seniors and their families in all 50 states.
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Med Alert Response, Inc.

At that point, Shyanne knew what she had to do. “She said some things that I could definitely relate to she hated the options out there and ultimately, chose fashion over safety. I walked away knowing that I had my work cut out for me. I dont think that I can stop what I am doing until Ive at least made diabetics, epileptics, hemophiliacs, severe allergy patients, autistics and all the other individuals required to wear medical alert or ID bracelets aware that they have a choice.” Shyanne hopes to work with medical providers and insurance companies to find a way to make medical alert bracelets available to all patients whether they be her own design or someone elses. “Id love to see insurance companies allow some reimbursement to patients for medical alert bracelets and I hope that I can help make this happen.” Shyanne has touched so many people’s lives with her products, including a little boy with Cerebral Palsy: “He stopped by with his family at an event I was working at to pick it up and the look on his face was something I will never forget. He couldnt believe that it was for him and his face lit up when he saw his name on the bracelet.
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Teen changes lives with fashionable medical alert bracelets

Caroline Berg Eriksen Post-Baby Body Selfie on Instagram

*Med Alert Response, Inc. is in this range. X Types of Complaints Handled by BBB BBB handles the following types of complaints between businesses and their customers so long as they are not, or have not been, litigated: Advertising or Sales Problems with Products or Services Delivery Guarantee or Warranty We do not handle workplace disputes, discrimination claims or claims about the quality of health or legal services. X What is BBB Advertising Review? BBB promotes truth in advertising by contacting advertisers whose claims conflict with the BBB Code of Advertising . These claims come to our attention from our internal review of advertising, consumer complaints and competitor challenges.
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Minuteclinic Launches Health Condition Monitoring Services For Diabetes, Asthma And High Cholesterol Patients

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“By providing health condition monitoring at MinuteClinic, our goal is to be a convenient and affordable resource where patients can not only receive an exam and regular lab tests, but also spend meaningful time with a practitioner to obtain advice and have questions about their condition and medication answered.” Monitoring Made Easy services at MinuteClinic are available seven days a week, including weekday evening hours; no appointment is necessary. When providing health condition monitoring services, MinuteClinic practitioners review the individual’s medical history and perform an exam and tests based on nationally established clinical practice guidelines for standards of care, which may include an A1c test and comprehensive foot exam for diabetes, breathing and oxygen level testing for asthma, a lipid profile for high cholesterol and a blood pressure check and microalbumin test for high blood pressure. “We know from our own research and from independent studies conducted by the Rand Corporation, that as many as 60 percent of patients visiting our clinics are without a primary care provider,” said Sussman. “So our practitioners are in a unique position to help patients identify a primary care provider and create a path of care that includes monitoring at MinuteClinic to stay on top of their condition.” Most health insurance plans cover MinuteClinic health condition monitoring services. Patients are advised to contact their insurance company to verify coverage prior to their visit.
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Drug monitoring service now available

Dr. Oz explains what every woman should know about heart disease.

Home Health Monitoring Services Face Financial Barriers

, iHealthBeat, Monday, December 4, 2006

Companies that offer remote monitoring services are facing obstacles, such as who should pay for the monitoring devices, the Boston Globe reports. Medicare and insurers generally do not cover the cost of the home monitoring devices and only offer a flat fee to help patients recover from hospital visits, according to the Globe.

Partners Healthcare’s home-nursing division in Boston installed monitors for about 100 patients, but it will stop the service when their Medicare home-nursing payments cease. In Natick, Mass., the Visiting Nurse Association installed monitors in 80 patient homes and has successfully caught minor care problems before they became critical. However, the association can afford the devices only because of a grant from a health care foundation, according to the Globe.

Dovetail Health in Needham, Mass., is testing its monitoring services in 10 homes as part of a pilot project. Computers monitor patients’ weight and blood pressure and transmit the data to the company, where it is reviewed by nurses.
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Home Health Monitoring Services Face Financial Barriers

Not uncommonly, these drugs can interact with each other or over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Many patients are under the care of more than one physician and may receive prescription medication from one that may interact with one from another. A new drug monitoring website, eHealthMe, provides an enormous database of drug interactions for these individuals. Company representatives note that a drug monitoring subscription provides immediate notifications on serious drug reactions detected by eHealthMes algorithmic data analysis system. There is no charge for a basic subscription.
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Home Health Service Offers Telehealth Monitoring

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Connectyx Acquires U.S.A. Medical Monitoring Services

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Home Health Service Offers Telehealth Monitoring

, iHealthBeat, Monday, August 21, 2006

FirstHealth Home Health in North Carolina recently received a $250,000 Duke Endowment grant to expand its telehealth program, the Southern Pines Pilot reports.

Patients participating in the program each morning connect to a monitoring station that measures blood pressure, pulse, temperature, weight, pulse oxygen and blood sugar. Patients also answer a series of questions about their condition and then transmit the information to home health nurses monitoring their progress. Nurses follow up with a call or a visit if any of the information is abnormal.

FirstHealth will use the Duke Endowment grant to purchase an additional 70 monitoring units and four high-resolution digital cameras.
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